REUZEL X Liquid Death Severed Head Pomade

Introducing Severed Head Strong Hold Clay Pomade, infused with Liquid Death Mountain Water and natural ingredients such as Argan Oil & Aloe. This formula provides a workable strong hold to create piecey, roughed up texture. Leaves hair with a matte finish that is water-soluble and rinses easily from the hair.
- Infused with Liquid Death Mountain Water
- Adds Natural Definition & Texture
- Workable Hold
- Works on All Hair Types
- Non-Sticky/Non-Greasy Formula
- Apple Salsa Fragrance (Our REUZEL Pink Grease Fragrance)


What Makes Severed Head Pomade Unique? 

Severed Head Pomade is the brainchild between Reuzel, renowned for its exceptional grooming products, and Liquid Death, a brand known for its unconventional approach to beverages. This unique partnership has birthed a product that not only tames your locks but also aligns with the rebellious spirit of Liquid Death.

Is Severed Head Pomade Water Soluble?

Say goodbye to the days of struggling to wash out traditional oil-based pomades. Severed Head Pomade boasts a water-soluble formula that effortlessly rinses out, leaving no residue behind. This makes it a versatile choice for those who crave easy application and removal without compromising on style.

How Do I Know If It's Right For me? 

Severed Head Pomade offers a matte finish, ensuring that your hairstyle exudes a natural and effortless finish. Unlike glossy alternatives (which we also love), this product lets your hair do the talking without the distracting shine. Perfect for those who appreciate a refined, understated look.

What Is the Holding Power? 

Whether you're navigating a hectic day at the office or embracing the night's adventures, Severed Head Pomade has got your back, literally. Its strong-hold formula ensures your chosen hairstyle stays intact throughout the day, empowering you with the confidence to conquer any situation.