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Stand at the top of a very greasy mountain.

Men’s grooming is a lifestyle. And our Scumbassadors live it every day. You in?


1. Why do you want it?

If you’re asking this question, you might want to think twice about applying at all. Our Scumbassadors aren’t chosen. They’re called. Whether they’re barbers or hairstylists, they’re born to groom. And they have this desire to push themselves as far as they can go. You in? Step 1, hit us up at to find out if we’re looking for Scumbassadors in your neck of the woods. 


2. Throw your hat in the ring.

The second step? If we are looking for Scumbassadors in your area, post an audition to YouTube. Do a cut. Blow it dry. And then style with Reuzel products. The whole time, talk. Talk about why you chose the cut. How you’re bringing your vision to life. And why you picked the products you did. Send a link to your video, your resume and a headshot to


3. Prepare to be judged.

Your video goes to our International Scumbassador Directors, the VP Global Education, and the Headmaster of The Old School. Then it’ll be watched by Leen and Bertus themselves. They’ll be judging not just your skills, but your attitude and your potential fit with Reuzel.


4. Five days in the fire.

The final few are invited to an intense, five-day training session. You cover your own plane ticket but once you land, we’ll get almost everything else. After the week is up, some will become Scumbassadors. Some will be put in our development plan. And a few will leave with nothing more than a story.


5. Welcome to the family.

Each Scumbassador is part of a badass team. They travel and spread the greasy gospel. They train future generations of world-class barbers. They get the inside track on new products and education. And they help Reuzel create the standards for the next wave of scumbags.

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