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Got a big mouth? Put it to work.

Wasn’t so long ago, our best ads were the men walking out the front door of our salon. Today, there are scumbags everywhere, talking about why they love street life and Reuzel. You one of them? Let’s talk.

Make noise.

Our Ambassadors spread the greasy gospel on Instagram, IGTV and YouTube. They shoot products. They post hairstyles. They stream their cuts and shaves. Whatever. Just one rule: They need to be honest scumbags. No stans allowed.

Get stuff.

Depending on how much you post and how broad your audience, you can qualify to get all sorts of stuff. Free quarterly gift bags stuffed with products and merch. Discounts for you and your audience. Exposure to our global social media fanbase. And sometimes even commissions on sales.

Let’s roll.

Shoot a link to your social platforms over to We’ll be in touch.

This is not for an education position. If you are looking to be an educator, please visit our Scumbassadors page.

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