2024 Pink Pomade Road Trip 2024 Pink Pomade Road Trip

2024 Pink Pomade Road Trip

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Reuzel Pink Pomade Grease, formulated with Beeswax, allows product to glide through the hair without clumping, while encouraging moisture retention. With a unique formula that provides an excellent high hold, this pomade for thick and curly hair is perfect for tough to control types. This oil based men’s pomade give hair a natural, medium shine.

Get the Grease Out with our Degrease Trio Bundle - Daily Conditioner, Scrub Shampoo, and Daily Shampoo. 

Step 1. Comb Daily Conditioner through dry hair, and let sit for one minute.

Step 2. Wet the hair and rub in Scrub Shampoo.

Step 3. Rinse Scrub Shampoo and finish with Daily Shampoo. No more grease!

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2024 Pink Pomade Road Trip
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Strong Hold – Medium Shine – Oil Based

  • Perfect for pompadours and contours
  • Beeswax promotes moisture and control
  • Apple fragrance with a hint of salsa.

Welcome to Reuzel Pink Pomade Grease, a product strong enough to take full control of even the most stubborn, curly hair grease out there.

Scoop out a dollop. (Maybe two for thick hair.) Smear it in until you can’t see product in the hair any more. Reuzel Pink Pomade Grease is a heavy hold pomade so make sure you’ve got complete coverage. Then comb out this thick hair pomade to any style you want. When it’s time, wash with Reuzel Scrub Shampoo. Got heavy product buildup? Check out Reuzel’s Degrease hair travel kit routine.